1. Wet massage is performed in the wet sauna body scrub area, dry massage is performed in a private massage room

  2. Reservations strongly recommended but walk-ins accepted as scheduling allows

  3. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your reservation to allow time for check-in, shower and sauna use

  4. Showering is required before hot or cold tub use

  5. After the massage, you may continue to enjoy the facilities as long as you like


Note: Body scrubs and wet massages are conducted in the gender-separated body scrub rooms of the wet sauna areas by a massage therapist of the same gender as the patron. These are fully unclothed treatments.

AROMA OIL MASSAGE   60 min  $130   /   90 min  $180

Aroma oil massage is a relaxing massage from head to toe using a lavender scented oil and includes a hair treatment and a collagen facial mask. Strong pressure may be requested.


SHIATSU   60 min  $110   /   90 min  $160

Shiatsu is a style of massage where pressure using thumbs, hands, elbows, or feet is applied to pressure points on the body to relieve tension. By default this is a strong deep tissue massage, but a lighter pressure can be requested.

OIL MASSAGE (SWEDISH)   60 min  $110   /   90 min  $160

Swedish style massage uses an aroma oil for a relaxing massage with light pressure.

OIL MASSAGE (DEEP TISSUE)   60 min  $120   /   90 min $170

Deep tissue is a massage using an aroma oil that focuses on back pain, neck pain and sore shoulders.


Combination massage combines any two of the Shiatsu, Swedish or deep tissue massages.

MASSAGE ONLY   30 min  $50

Massage only, does not include sauna admission


Couple massage is conducted in a private suite for two

ANY TWO DRY MASSAGES ABOVE   60 min  $250  /  90 min  $360

All massage prices include sauna and jjimjilbang admission.