For our most frequently asked questions, we have prepared a list of answers. Don't see your question? No worries! Head on over to the contact page and we'll be more than happy to help you! 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between sauna and jjimjilbang admission?

Sauna admission is to the “wet” areas: showers, hot & cold tubs, dry & steam saunas. These are separate for male and female.
Jjimjilbang admission includes the above sauna admission plus the red clay & Himalayan salt saunas, ice room, common rest area and use of uniform. These areas are for everyone together. All body scrubs and massages include jjimjilbang admission.

Do I have to be naked?

In the “wet” areas (showers, hot & cold tubs, dry & steam saunas) we do ask guests to be completely unclothed. Your body must be showered clean before tub use (and before a body scrub or massage) and having a bathing suit on could trap impurities. Similarly you wouldn’t shower at home with anything on. This is customary in Korean culture (as well as in many other countries such as Japan, Finland, Sweden, etc). We have towels you may use while walking around or in the dry & steam saunas. Many guests have expressed trepidation about being naked in a public bathhouse, but most have found you get used to it fairly quickly. The common areas (including the red clay & Himalayan salt saunas and the ice room) are clothing mandatory areas (we provide you with a uniform).

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates can be purchased online or in store.

If I buy a 10 pack of sauna or jjimjilbang tickets, can I share them with someone?


Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes… but wouldn’t you rather unplug? :-)

Do I need to make reservations?

For sauna or jjimjilbang only admission, no reservations are needed. For a treatment such as a body scrub, massage or yoni steam, reservations are strongly recommended to secure your desired time slot. Walk ins may be accommodated on a first come first serve basis as long as open time slots are available.

Is there a time limit on the sauna or jjimjilbang admission?

Sauna admission is limited to 2 hours and jjimjilbang admission is limited to 3 hours

What changes are there due to the pandemic?

These policies supercede all previously posted policies.

- Capacity is still limited, therefore reservations are recommended - all services must be reserved to guarantee therapist availability
- Hot tubs and dry/steam saunas are limited to 15 min intervals
- Facial coverings are required for all guests except in shower area
- Facial coverings are required for employees at all times
- Social distance must be maintained by all at all times except during service
- Please arrive 30 minutes early to register and prepare for the service
- All guests must sign in with name and phone number (county mandate for contact tracing)
- Masks and hand sanitizer are available upon request
- Body scrub/wet massage tables have an additional covering that will be disposed of after each guest
- For body scrub patrons, new exfoliating towels will be provided to each guest
Please note that any of these policies may be updated at any time in accordance with changing state and county mandates and the overall situation.

Is Yu Spa open?

Yu Spa is now fully open for all massage, body scrub and yoni steam services! All tubs and saunas are now open.