Welcome to Yu Spa, San Diego’s newest jjimjilbang 찜질방 (Korean-style sauna, pronounced jim-jil-bang). Japanese: 岩盤浴 Russian: баня

Relax in our two specialty heated herb-scented sauna rooms, the red clay sauna and the Himalayan salt sauna. Absorb the healing properties of the red clay and Himalayan salt as you sweat your stress away. Then step into the ice room to quickly bring your core temperature back down. Traditional dry and steam saunas are also available as are hot and cold tubs. But don’t forget to shower first! Standing and sitting showers are both provided for your convenience.

Rejuvenate with a body scrub (바디 스크럽, 垢すり) and a massage. What is a body scrub? Exfoliating scrub mittens are massaged over the body to slough away dead skins cells, leaving behind a fresh, smooth, new layer of soft skin. It’s like a new you! Pair it with a milk seaweed or gold massage to truly unwind and reward yourself!

Revitalize at Brick Bowl, our restaurant now under new ownership, featuring stuffed sourdough bread bowls, as well as old Korean favorites such as handmade pan fried dumplings and bibimbap. Vegan options available also. Finish it off with a pumpkin shikye, a Korean sweet pumpkin fermented rice drink made in house with real Kabocha pumpkins.

Spend a couple hours or an afternoon at Yu Spa. Because the best investment is in your own well-being. ☺